Brief Story of Jaguar Cars

It commenced in 1922 when motorcycle enthusiasts, William Lyons and William Walmsley started the Swallow Sidecar company business in Bloomfield Road, Blackpool. From this fledgling business, it evolved into car manufacture as SS cars in 1934 and Jaguar Cars in1945.
The 1950s & 60s were iconic years with racing successes at Le Mans with the C types & D types and the memorable advertising slogan of “Grace, Space & Pace”. Superb, world leading, road cars were produced, such as the XK, MK2, E Type and XJ, which are widely sought after today. The latter years of the 20th century saw a period of turmoil, as the company struggled financially, with quality issues and poor sales, and was absorbed into several different organisations. In 2008 the Indian steel giant, Tata, bought the company from the then owners Ford, and a vast investment and modernisation process began. Today the current model range includes the XF saloon, and the SUV variants, F Pace, E Pace & I Pace. The company plans to go fully electric in the future, with promises of new models to whet the appetite, and most Jaguar enthusiasts wait anxiously to see what the next chapter in this fascinating, evolving, story will produce.